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HI, I’m Sara, Director/Owner of Pure Poppy. I’m so pleased to announce that Pure Poppy is in its 14th year! Amazing!

I started primarily as a jewellery selling business – in local shops, schools and pre-schools, and also at various events and craft shows. As my background is in Graphic Design, Marketing and Events Management and through also attending several jewellery making courses, I turned my hobby into into a well-loved business.

Over time it became apparent that children loved beading and helping to create special unique pieces, and with a bit of help and encouragement, jewellery making aids their creative development and improves dexterity. Thus parties were created, with some unique and lovely touches to make those parties extra special and unforgettable.

During COVID-19, I set about creating jewellery making kits aimed at children to make at home to beat the boredom while in lockdown, in quarantine, and during holiday times. Each kit is letterbox sized so there is no waiting around for the postman to knock on the door! So, its been a complete blast as orders from all over the world have been coming in. However, hosting jewellery making parties in and around Surrey, Berkshire, Greater London and Hampshire is still my main love 🙂

Thank you for all your custom and look forward to seeing you in 2024!

What people think…

We love getting emails from lovely parents who have enjoyed Pure Poppy parties and whose children have loved it even more!